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Now cuter and more heavily armored! Model functions remaining the same and the cuteness level reaching platinum level, HoiHoi-san returns in a Heavy Arms Version!

HoiHoi-san is the main heroine of “One-Shot Bug Killer!! HoiHoi-san NEW EDITION.” Now more colorful than ever with the extra included parts, “HoiHoi-san HEAVY ARMS Ver.” returns to the Kotobukiya model kit lineup after undergoing a renewal in the model kit and package!

Model Specifications:
・Total height being 125mm. This model is a very cute 1/1 scale.
・The runners come in 6 colors. The face, eye parts, etc. come together to a total of 11 parts fully painted. Therefore, just assembling the model kit will result in a product close to the character model.
・By changing out the eyes with the other fully painted 3 types of eyes, you can change the line of direction that HoiHoi-san is looking (front, right, left).
・All the joints in this model can move as a full action model kit.
・Decals such as eyes and the apron logo mark are included for users who prefer hand painting.

Changes and Additions to the HEAVY ARMS Ver.:
・HoiHoi-san’s clothing color are changed from the usual “black x white” design to an adorable “pink x white” newly designed by Author Kunihiko Tanaka. The color of the eyes are also changed to green.
・The logo mark for the apron are changed to a new design for the HEAVY ARMS Ver. The larger logo mark reappears as the security print.
・The “braided hair part” is a new addition as an option along with the usual long hair.
・Two new types of face parts are included: bright smile face part, and sad frown face part. With the 3 types of eye parts included, users can create a wide variety of expressions.
・New weapons, a heavy machine gun, “HoiHoi Tonkachi,” “Insect Killer (sake bottle)” are included.
・Attachment parts to attach to New Flying Base are included.

*The extra parts in HEAVY ARMS Ver. in general can be enjoyed with the original “HOIHOI-SAN NEW EDITION.” The “smiling face” parts, however, paired with the eye parts of “HOIHOI-SAN NEW EDITION” cannot recreate the pink color inside the mouth.

Included items:
・HoiHoi-san model
・Face Parts (normal, smiling, frowning)
・Eye Parts (looking forward, looking right, looking left)
・Hand Parts (Gripping (left and right), weapon holding (left and right))
・Braided Hair Parts
・Heavy Machine Gun
・HoiHoi Tonkachi
・Insect Killer (sake bottle)
・Attachment parts to connect to New Flying Base

Scale 1/1
Product Material PS・PE・ABS
Product Height(mm) 125
Product Height(in) 4.92in
Package Lidded Box
Package Size 310×190×110