Heavy Weapon Unit 21 Dragon Arms Ryuu-Bi

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A duo of Heavy Weapon Units created by famous mecha designer Naohiro Washio are now here! By combining the sepaarately sold HEAVY WEAPON UNIT 20 <AGITO> and HEAVY WEAPON UNIT 21 DRAGON ARMS <RYUUBI>, you can convert the weapons into "Drago Mode". Each part of the kit has been designed to be used as a stand-alone weapon, is equipped with a 3mm or 5mm connection point in the middle, allowing them to be used with a variety of parts from other kits such as Frame Arms and Hexa Gear.

■By combining with the separately sold HEAVY WEAPON UNIT 21 DRAGON ARMS <RYUU-BI>, <AGITO> can be transformed into a new configuration.
■The frame for the Drago Mode torso utilizes the HEXA G-R.A.M. system from the Hexa Gear series, making it compatible with a variety of parts.
■The blade part of the Dragon Glaive is moveable and can be fully stowed.
■The blades of the Twin Fangs are equipped with ball joints, allowing them to be displayed in a variety of angles. The weapons' moveable grips are compatible with Frame Arms Girls and other models.
■The base of the Dragon Arms in Drago Mode are equipped with universal joints that can be adjusted freely. The shoulder armor can be removed and changed out with armor from Frame Arms Girl or Megami Device kits using special attachment parts.
*Due to the construction of the parts, some restrictions apply.
■The blade parts of the Dragon Glaive, Twin Fangs, and Dragon Axe are made of silver plastic.

Included Items
■Dragon Glaive x1
■Attachment for stowing the Dragon Glaive x1
■Parts for using the Dragon Glaive for Drago Mode x1
■Twin Fangs x2
■Dragon Axe x2
■Dragon Arms x2
■Shoulder Armor attachment parts (for Frame Arms Girl) x 1 set
■Shoulder Armor attachment parts (for Megami Device) x 1 set
■Frame Parts A x2
■Frame Parts B x1
■Frame Parts C x1
■Frame Parts D x2
■Frame Parts E x2
■Base Frame x1
■HEXA G-R.A.M. Poly Cap Parts x 1 set

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