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Model Summary:
After the end of a series of major battles, the remains of an unidentified flying Hexa Gear belonging to the Valiant Force were discovered in the areas surrounding the Crystal Reactors that served as the battlegrounds. The remains were analyzed and the data from this research was used to create a new third generation Hexa Gear known as Windfall.
The majority of the remains gathered by Earthcline Biomechanics had melted, and the severity of the damage made it difficult to ascertain the original form of the units. However, due to the discovery of a mysterious “wing” part near the remains that were assumed to be the main body, many suspect that the units resembled dragons. It is said that the remains may be a Hexa Gear designed by the Valiant Force to resemble the dragon-like Agnirage units that protect the Crystal Reactors, but there is little proof to support this claim.
Based on the data gathered, there is a rumor that there is a Governor who shot the units down. Amongst the information gathered, there is a large amount of missing data and dubious findings about inexplicable and drastic increases in pollution and a mysterious glowing aura from an unidentified light source, but the rumor of this Governor is a source of hope for the Liberty Alliance’s troops.
Due to these discoveries, the series of battles became known as the “Dragon Wars,” and the new Liberty Alliance Hexa Gear became known as “Windfall,” due to the valuable and unexpected nature of its development.

 Superior Plasma Cannon
 Blast Charger
 Plasma Talons
 Gravity Controllers
Model Specifications:
 The large radar mast on the model’s head can be moved up and down, and the protection shutters covering the camera eyes can be opened or closed.
 The head is divided into upper and lower halves using the Hexa G-R.A.M system, allowing the parts to be used for a variety of purposes.
 The cockpit droid can be removed from the main unit for use as a companion machine or miniature vehicle for Governor models.
 The cockpit droid has reversible joints, allowing it to be converted between bipedal mode and combination mode. The windshield is made of clear plastic, giving the kit a realistic appearance.
 The model’s neck uses a universal joint that can be easily adjusted up, down, left, and right. The internal pipes are recreated using cable parts that give the kit a unique appearance.
 The solid wings are equipped with moveable flaps, and the claws on the front of the main thrusters can be extended to display the model in the process of landing. The covers on the main thrusters move in conjunction with the internal fins.
 The kit includes a special clear black base to display the model in flight.
*The base uses some of the parts from Flying Base Neo. The kit includes only one base.
 The model can be equipped with separately sold Governor models, and includes several connection points that are compatible with separately sold M.S.G. Weapon Units for even more customization options.

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