Marvel Comics Wasp Bishoujo Statue

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The Marvel Bishoujo collection, bringing you new interpretations of familiar superheroes and villains, adds a new member with the Avenger who should never be judged by her size, WASP!  Daughter to one of Dr. Hank Pym’s colleagues, Janet Van Dyne was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in the pages of Tales to Astonish in 1963.  While seeking revenge for her father’s death Janet partners with Hank who gives her a supply of his Pym Particles to change size and a procedure that lets her grow wings at a small stature and fire energy blasts.  Thus armed she became the superheroine Wasp and would later be one of the founding members of the Avengers.  One of the few ladies able to be presented in larger than life size, the Wasp Bishoujo statue is based on a new character interpretation and illustration by master Japanese artist Shunya Yamashita.


Fully embracing the beauty and fun of the Marvel Bishoujo series, the Wasp is captured in a candid moment as she frolics and enjoys her tiny size.  The Avenger wears one of her most famous costumes, a nearly full body lustrous black suit with beautiful golden accents on her torso, hands, and feet.  Janet is posed in a playful scene as she alights in water, one long leg extended beneath her and the other tucked as her gossamer wings settle from flight.  Her arms splay out to the sides as she twists to look behind her, giving you a huge smile.  There are so many great visual elements to the Wasp from her sleek pose to the incredible sculpted details of her hair and wings, and much more.


Sculpted by MIC, Wasp stands over 10 ½ inches tall (1/7 scale) as she lightly touches down on a special display base designed to look like a splash of water.