Portrait.Of.Pirates One Piece Sa-Maximum Roronoa Zoro Ver. San Zen Se Kai

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    P.O.P One Piece series celebrating 15 years anniversary in 2019.

    In its highest peak "MAXIMUM" series, the big swordsman Roronoa Zoro boasts of the straw rainy season is entering more and more.

    This time cut off the moment of releasing the mystery of the three-sword flow "Zenkokujyo" which is a synonym of Zoro, and maximize the image in the play to make it three-dimensional.

    With exquisitely "MAXIMUM" quality combining a feeling of dynamism and power, such as a trained body and sharp eyesight, clothes made to detail and three swords,

    It is a definitive edition product suitable for decorating the 15th anniversary of the series.

    [Product Material]

    • PVC, ABS

    Product Size

    • 1/8 scale (total height 210 mm) * Except swords